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For general information, call the office at (925) 937-2191. For prayer support, see the Prayer Support page.

  • For questions about teaching classes, contact the Curriculum Coordinator.
  • For questions about presenting a workshop, contact the Presenters Team.
  • To inquire about playing music at Unity of Walnut Creek, contact the Music Director.
  • To inquire about selling a book or product in the bookstore, contact the Bookstore Purchasing Coordinator.
  • To rent our facilities and grounds for an event, contact the Facilities Manager.
  • To see the Unity business directory from 2009, click here.
  • For questions or suggestions about the Unity of Walnut Creek website, send an email.
Rev. Kristin PowellLead Minister(925) 937-2191office@unitycenter.net
Charlene Balderston
Facilities Manager, Wedding
Coordinator; Weekly Centerpoint
(925) 937-2191email Charlene
Felicia McBartonMinisterial Assistant(925) 937-2191email Felicia
Lani LeeYouth Education Director(925) 937-2191email Lani
Mike McGarveySunday Morning Coordinator(925) 937-2191email Mike
Ron SalazarLicensed Unity Teacher email Ron
Chanda WilliamsBookstore Purchasing(925) 937-2191email Chanda
Lisa NicholsBoard of Trustees, President email Lisa

Jackie McClory and
David Brooks

Saturday Lunches for the Homeless
 Email the office
TBDMonument Crisis Center Food Drive  
Jeanne FusonCurriculum Coordinator(925) 934-6411email Jeanne
John NicholsInformation Technology email John

Lisa and Tyler

Music Directors(925) 937-2191email Lisa and Tyler

Garrett Riegg

Presenters Team(925) 937-2191office@unitycenter.net
Licensed HeartMath® Providers 
Pamela AasenLicenses: HeartMath Certified
Trainer, Coach/Mentor,
Cut Thru® Provider

(612) 991-4419

(925) 446-6425

email Pam
Donna BedfordLicenses: HeartMath Coach(925) 932-6825email Donna
Ciel Gierke
Licenses: HeartMath Coach, 
De-Stress Workshops
(925) 768-3008email Ciel
Carolyn Janson
Licenses: HeartMath Coach, 
Resilient Educator Instructor.
Advanced Training Specialties:  
Stop Emotional Eating, Cut-Thru®
(925) 825-4704email Carolyn
Sandy Stober
Licenses: HeartMath Coach, 
Resilient Educator Instructor, 
Resilience Advantage, Skills for 
Personal and Professional
(925) 768-2684email Sandy
Eline Zimmerman
Licenses: HeartMath Coach, 
Resilient Educator Instructor, 
Cut-Thru® Provider
(925) 370-9308email Eline