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Gift for the Lift

Current Amount Raised: $25,000+

Gift for the Liftt
In this Year of Compassion, we intend to raise the remaining funds needed to install an outdoor lift to the second floor of the Education building. The total cost is about $25,000. However, Walnut Creek's rules for installing lifts changed recently; we are not yet sure how this will impact the project, so we are continuing to fundraise in case addtional construction is required
Here are some ways you can help:
  • Make a $100 (or more) donation and you can ring the gong during services! Training is provided. Contact Annie Love-Villiers for more information.
  • Donate directly to the lift in the bookstore, during services or using the PayPal button below.
  • Gift for the Lift: When your friends or family members have a birthday or other special occasion, make a donation to the lift in their honor.

We thank you for your generosity!

(You do not need a PayPal account to donate by PayPal)