A positive path for spiritual living

Heart Ministers (Prayer Chaplains)

“Prayer...properly understood and applied,
is the most potent instrument of action.” - Mohandas Gandhi

Heart ministers pray with and for youAs an extension of the Senior Minister, Heart Minsters play an important role at Unity of Walnut Creek. Also known as pastoral care or prayer chaplaincy, Heart Ministry calls to those who wish to be of service through prayer and care of their spiritual family.

The most visible roles the Heart Ministers fill are at Sunday services, when they:

  • Pray with those seeking prayer support after services (you'll know them by their lavendar stoles).
  • Read the weekly prayer.
  • Conduct the service and meditation at 8:00 am when the later services have a guest speaker.
  • Conduct the meditation at the 9:30 and 11:30 services when they are being led by a lay guest speaker. 

Behind the scenes and just as importantly, the Heart Ministers:

  • Pray for every prayer request submitted.
  • Make phone calls to pray when someone is in need. 
  • Visit the homebound and sick, including hospital visits.
  • Work with local hospices.
  • Attend interfaith group meetings as they feel called.
  • Host the World Day of Prayer in September. 
  • Host a Prayer Vigil in November. 
  • Make connection calls to members of Unity of Walnut Creek to offer prayer or other support. 
  • Other activities as needed.

Participation in a 3-day training is reqiured to become a Heart Minister. The training utilizes the prayer chaplaincy program from Love and Light Ministries.

More importantly, it requires a commitment on their hearts to help others through prayer and the presence of their care.

For more information, contact Sheila Gautreaux.