A positive path for spiritual living

HeartMath® Study Groups

Day, time and location varies by group

HeartMath® Study Groups meet weekly to learn about the heart’s intelligence and to practice living in their hearts. Experience the powerful spiritual support of a small group of caring individuals.

A Note from Rev. David

As more and more of our people have applied these powerful transformative techniques (developed by the Institute of HeartMath) in their lives, the word has spread, “They work!” Stop stress in 60 seconds, improve your health, connect with your Spirit, experience heart connections with those you care about, gain intuitive insight, and enhance what means the most in your life.

How? With your heart! If you haven’t learned these dynamic tools, seen the science, or if you want to deepen the skill you learned, a Heart Study Group at Unity is the right place for you. Join others committed to growing in their hearts.

Rev. David McArthur

At each group meeting, members spend time getting to know each other, studying and practicing how to access their heart’s wisdom, praying, and - of course - having fun!

The groups use an easy-to-follow format developed by the Institute of HeartMath so that all members can share leadership or assign it to one person.

If you are interested in joining a HeartMath Study Group, sign up in the Welcome Center. If you have access to Unity Connects, you can use the HeartMath Study Group Sign Up form on Unity Connects. To find it, click on the More tab and then Forms.