A positive path for spiritual living

May 2017 Be...

May there be more joy!In 2017, may there be more joy within every heart and soul.

May our shared spiritual awakening be a fervent practice that ignites a new awareness of truly knowing we are one.

May we see ourselves in our brothers and sisters, and love that part of ourselves that is hidden in shadow, that is fearful, that is not yet aware.

May we remember that we are all connected and have co-created this world with our conscious and unconscious beliefs and to trust we can come back together in unity and peace at any moment.

May we act as though everything is holy and sacred, and that what we do to the one, we do to all.

May our spirit of generosity grow within all of humanity and the act of sharing our resources become common practice.

May we treat one another with loving kindness and see the spark of Divinity in each other.

May our world truly know peace and lives transform through our “Yes” to a conscious awakening that happens one day, one moment, one breath at a time.

May we love deeply and celebrate, learn, mourn and grow with all of life’s experiences.

May we know God/Spirit/Divine lives, moves and is our very being.

Happy New Year, friends.

Rev. Denese Schellink