A positive path for spiritual living

Ministerial Team

Rev. Kristin Powell, Lead Minister

Rev. Kristin served as senior minister at Unity of Columbia in Missouri for 7.5 years and was previously a supervisor in Silent Unity’s telephone ministry.
She holds an M.Ed. in Education from Loyola University and a BA in Speech Communication from Miami University in Ohio.
In her alternative ministry Unity Rising, Rev. Kristin has guided wilderness fasts, nature retreats and spiritual trips around the world.  

Ron Salazar, Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT)
Ron Salazar LUTRon has been a truth student for almost 30 years. He began following the New Thought Path in 1988 through the 12 Step Spiritual Path. The 12 Step path’s foremost tenant is that we come to a Spiritual awakening, and by keeping a conscious contact with God we will connect to the Spiritual Power that resides Within all of us.
Ron became a Unity Path follower in 1998 and, by 2000, found that he was being called to be a Unity Minister. In November of 2012, he became a Licensed Unity Teacher. 
In Ron's experience, both Unity and the 12 Step Path hold that we are a part of God, and conscious awareness of the Divine Presence within us is the key element in experiencing our true selves, the I AM, the Christ within us.